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Specialist & Rares 2007

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Bob Allen judged the Yellow-wings while Martin Bagnall judged the Whitewings and they picked the top award from the Whitewings. There were 45 Yellow-wings and 46 Whitewings entered which was a similar number in entry in both colours from last year.

The adult yellow-wing award and best yellow-wing in show went to Malcolm & Pam Freemantle’s light green cock; a big bold bird of good wing clarity. Malcolm & Pam were also second with a dark green hen staged in good condition but slightly dark in the wings. G. F. Doody from the novice section was third with a light green cock of good style.

Dave Guppy & Dave Barnes occupied the first two places in the young bird section with a big and wide shouldered dark green cock of good depth of mask, followed by a clean typey olive green hen of slightly darker wings. G. F. Doody was third with a clear winged light green cock.

Roger Day won the adult BOC award for the Whitewing with a bold skyblue cock staged in good condition and well presented. John Harvey from the beginner section was second with a well-presented cobalt cock. Another cobalt cock from G. F. Doody was third. The best opposite sex any age award went to John Harvey’s violet hen.

Dave Guppy & Dave Barnes are regular winners at this show with their Clearwings and they won the best Clearwing in Show and best whitewing in show for the third consecutive year with a whitewing and the second year with a baby whitewing and on this occasion it was a powerful, big young cobalt cock shown in excellent condition and well presented. They also occupied second spot with a very promising violet hen. A. Beasley from the beginner section benched a lovely coloured cobalt cock in third place.

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M & P Freemantle

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Guppy & Barnes

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Roger Day

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Guppy & Barnes

Yellow-wings   Judge Bob Allen

Best Yellow-wing A.A / Best Champion A.A   was won by M & P Freemantle

Best Yellow-wing Y.B Guppy & Barnes

No Intermediate entries

Best Novice A.A was won by G.F Doody

Best Novice Y.B      G.F. Doody

Best Beginner A.A   T & A Wilson

Best Beginner Y.B   A. Beasley

Whitewings     Judge Martin Bagnall

Best Whitewing A.A was won by R.Day

Best Whitewing Y.B Guppy & Barnes

No Intermediate A.A entry

Best Intermediate Y.B was won by I. Bellamy

Best Novice A.A     G.F Doody

Best Novice Y.B     M.Anzara

Best Beginner A.A  J. Harvey

Best Beginner Y.B  A. Beasley

Congratulations to all winners

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