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CBBA 5th Regional Show 2009

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Saturday 10th October 2009 - Philp Hall, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

 This year’s Regional Show was staged by the Scottish Budgerigar Society in conjunction with their Specialist & Rare Variety Show which was dedicated as a celebration of the life of the late Harold Hepburn from Inverness.  The show received a very creditable entry of 382 birds (326) benched, just a pity the magic figure of 400 remained elusive despite all the efforts of hardworking Show Secretary Hugh Ballantyne who retires from office this year.

Judges for the event were Eric Knight, Ian Gordon and CBBA President Lyn Bancroft who was joined on the day by Subsidiary Panel Judge Joe Benzie. As well as judging the Yellow-wings and Whitewings, Lyn and Joe also judged the Rare Variety and Any Other Colour classes.

There were a total of 27 Yellow-wings and 21 Whitewings benched.  On the day the Whitewings perhaps had the edge on quality.  The Whitewing C.C. winner an excellent Skyblue Cock belonging to Intermediate R.Docherty had apparently won several C.C.s for the variety north of the border, however Mr Docherty not being a member of the C.B.B.A. the best Whitewing belonging to a C.B.B.A. member was exhibited by Alistair White from the Beginner section.

David Anderson from Bearsden, Glasgow had the honour of benching the best Yellow-wing in show.

All the award winners were presented with their medallions by President Lyn Bancroft at the end of the show.

Best Whitewing in Show (C.C.Winner)


Best Whitewing in Show (C.B.B.A. Member)

Alistair White

Best Yellow-wing in Show (C.C.Winner)

David Anderson

CBBA Awards

Honor Dickie - Best Beginner Yellow-wing Any Age

Alistair White - Best Whitewing Any Age, Best Whitewing Young Bird, Best Beginner Whitewing Any Age, Best Beginner Whitewing Young Bird, Best Beginner Yellow-wing Young Bird.

Alec Hoskins - Best Novice Yellow-wing Any Age, Best Novice Yellow-wing Young Bird, Best Novice Whitewing Any Age, Best Novice Whitewing Young Bird.

Tom Barrie - Best Intermediate Yellow-wing Any Age, Best Intermediate Yellow-wing Young Bird, Best Intermediate Whitewing Any Age

Willie Orr - Best Champion Whitewing Young Bird

David Anderson - Best Yellow-wing Any Age, Best Yellow-wing Young Bird, Best Champion Yellow-wing Any Age, Best Champion Yellow-wing Young Bird, Best Champion Whitewing Any Age

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