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CBBA 3rd Regional Show 2007

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This event was hosted by the Northern B.S. and run in conjunction with their Specialist and Rare Variety Show held at Bowburn, Co. Durham.

My thanks go to Norma Phillips for her help in preparing the Schedule and the organisation of the event.

Seven C.B.B.A. members benched 44 Clearwings on the day, I was advised that this was a significant increase from the previous years, this show by the way is only 3 years old but attracted an entry of 416 exhibits. Official representatives of the C.B.B.A. on the day were sparse, Lyn and Bill Bancroft and myself.  Nevertheless I think members were appreciative that we’d made the effort.

Major winners at the event which attracted double points and medallions were as follows.

Any Age

  Y/Wing W/Wing
Champion W.S. & L Bancroft W.S. & L Bancroft
Intermediate Arnie Kyle Arnie Kyle
Novice Chris & John Higley Chris & John Higley
Beginner Derek Adcock Derek Adcock

Young Bird

  Y/Wing W/Wing
Champion N/A Marshall & Shotton
Intermediate Arnie Kyle Arnie Kyle
Novice Chris & John Higley Alec Hoskins
Beginner N/A N/A


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