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Notice - CBBA Patronage 2003

In accordance with recent decisions taken by the B.S. General Council, the C.B.B.A. have withdrawn their patronage from all shows for the current show season. The Exhibitor of the Year Competition and the Ton-Up Club have also been suspended for 2003.

Societies who have paid for, and been granted patronage in 2003 will automatically be credited with the fee for 2004. Secretaries are advised however, to write to the Patronage Secretary before 28th February 2004 stating that patronage is still required. The letter should also include the new show date, confirmation of the names of the judges engaged and a contact number from where schedules may be requested, plus a S.A.E. Details for printing in show schedules will then be forwarded as normal.

If in the interim a Society does wish to have their money re-funded and re-apply before 28th February 2004 that is of course a matter for their Committee and the C.B.B.A. would naturally honour that decision.

Patronage Secretary: Mr Phil Proctor, 6 Tennyson Close, Worcester, Worcs WR3 8DF Telephone: 01905 451395 email philj.proctor@virgin.net

The Management Comittee apologise for the measures we feel obliged to take and thank everyone for their co­operation in this unhappy situation. Hopefully, if we all pull together for the budgerigar fancy, all being well everything will be back to normal next year,

Lyn Bancroft

7th July 2003

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