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C.B.B.A. NEWS - August 2006

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C.B.B.A. Annual Members Show was held at Wolvey Village hall on Sunday 9th July 2006.

Despite having to change the date and regrettably still clashing with South Hants B.S. Open Show, the Show attracted 87 exhibits, all entered on the day.

Thanks to Stockport B.S., who had decided to dispose of their staging, half of which has been purchased by the C.B.B.A., the exhibits were superbly presented for judge Bill Bancroft both to judge and comment upon to all who attended the day.

How refreshing, here was a judge who judged the variety primarily, not a procedure which is embraced by many judges these days when presented with Clearwings, the budgerigar appearing to be judge primarily, with the variety taking a very secondary place.  Bills approach and explanations were both well received and informative to all Clearwing breeders present.

The acquisition of the staging has probably guaranteed that the Annual Members Show will continue to be held at Wolvey, but the date for 2007 will revert to June.

Notable winners at the event were:-

            Best Clearwing in Show                         

            Best Champion Yellow-wing A/A and Y/B         Bill Gibson

            Best Champion White-wing A/A and Y/B  

            Best Intermediate Clearwing A/A                     Margaret & Bill Walker

            Best Novice Clearwing A/A                               Bob Gray

            Best Novice Clearwing Y/B                                Ken Jones

            Best Beginner Clearwing A/A                             Craig Tipton

            Best Beginner Clearwing Y/B                              George Doody

            Best White                                                        Gordon Grist

            Best Yellow                                                        George Doody

Don’t forget the C.B.B.A. Club Show to be held in conjunction with the B.S. Club Show at Doncaster in November.  New medals are available this year to recognise achievement in both Yellow-wing and White-wing at all levels.


Gordon Grist – Publicity Officer

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