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A.G.M./Spring Show
Sunday, 9th, June 2013, Wolvey Village Hall

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Memberís Show 31st May 2015 Wolvey Village Hall

106 Birds were benched at this Annual event.

After Tea and coffee and Bacon butties Pat Norris Judged the birds whilst husband Gren gave members a knowledgable talk about specialist varieties including the Clearwing, Colour identification, Judging and his views on many topics.

The day was a very sociable occasion with many members chatting over a leisurely Lunch provided by the members themselves set out by Margaret Walker and Jiny Sharpe.

After Lunch The A.G.M. took place followed by a presentation of prizes to the main winners

Who received  a bottle of wine provided by the Presidentís M& D Walker

Main winners were

Best Clearwing in Show, Best Clearwing A.A, Best Yellow-Wing , Best Yellow-Wing A.A and Best Yellow    M& P Freemantle

Best Clearwing Y.B, Best op sex Clearwing, Best Whitewing, Best Yellow-Wing Y.B, Best Whitewing A.A  and Best Whitewing Y.B    Dave Guppy

Best A.O.C Clearwing   M & D Walker

Best Rainbow  C.D.& S Sharpe

Best White    D Harris

K White won Intermediate whitewing A.A and Y.B and Yellow-wing A.A and Y.B

C Brickell won Novice Yellow-wing A.A & Y.B and Whitewing A.A

G Doody won Novice Whitewing Y.B

M Fitchett won Beginner Yellow-Wing A.A

Mr Roy  won Beginner Whitewing Y.B

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