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Presidents Day, Member’s Show and A.G.M

Wolvey Village Hall Sunday 7th June 2009

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The Clearwing Members Show started early on Sunday with the committee arriving in horrendous weather to kick start the day.

Bill walker could be seen legs only delving under the stage to retrieve bird staging. Down in the kitchen area Lyn our President could be heard with a few choice words having forgotten to bring the essential bacon for the bacon butties. Eventually things got better as more troops arrived to help with the staging and more bacon was purchased for Bill Bancroft to get frying.

56 birds were benched and Terry Tuxford along with Subsidiary judge Steve Speed did an excellent job of judging the birds whilst the rest of the members having been fed and watered had a topical discussion in the anti room.

The main winners were:

Best Clearwing in Show Guppy and Barnes
Best Yellow wing Guppy and Barnes
Best Champ Clearwing A.A Guppy and Barnes

Best White Wing Guppy and Barnes

Best Yellow Inc cin/op cin/op yellow M & P Freemantle

Best White Inc cin/op cin/op White Swain & Ford

Best Yellow-wing Y.B M&P Freemantle

Best Whitewing Y.B G.F Doody

Best Intermediate Clearwing A.A R. Bray ~ Best Novice Clearwing A.A G.F Doody ~ Best Beginner Clearwing A.A J Rivers

The Presidents picnic was a very enjoyable part of the day

With thanks to Lyn for providing a really fabulous fayre. Especially the cheesecake

Annual General Meeting

The A.G.M took place at 2pm during which Phil Proctor our retiring Editor was presented by The President with A cut glass and his favourite tipple for his outstanding service to the C.B.B.A since 1972

The following Officers were elected

President Lyn Bancroft
President Elect Bill Gibson
Chairman Gordon Grist
Vice Chairman Lyn Bancroft
General Secretaries and Membership Secretaries Bill & Margaret Walker
Patronage Secretary Dave Russ
Points Secretary Phil Proctor
Publicity Bill Gibson
Editor Lyn Bancroft on the proviso that only one yearbook will be published around August
Website co-ordinator Bill Walker
Accounts checker Alan Oxby
Scutineer N.C.A
Committee Bill Gibson, Sue Ford and John Lees.

Important Message

If any member feels that they could take on the position of Patronage Secretary or editor please contact Lyn Bancroft

Your Association is in danger without these positions being taken on with only the goodwill of an already overworked committee.

Next A.G.M  and C.B.B.A members day 6th June 2010

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