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In December 1963, SD Parsons had the idea of forming a Clearwing Association, to band together the hardcore of enthusiasts spread throughout the UK. Dru Parsons was elected the first General Secretary; other officers were elected and the CBBA was inaugurated. The Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders' Association was formed to advance and improve the Whitewing and Yellow-wing varieties for breeding and exhibiting. Since that inaugural meeting held at the National Exhibition of Cage and Aviary Birds, Olympia, London, the Association has progressively improved the standing of the Clearwing in the fancy and today the C.B.B.A. is recognised as the leading specialist society in the hobby.

Little did they realise how much progress would be made in such a short space of time but by 1970 the Association had the honour of becoming the first specialist body to be accepted for Associate Membership of the Budgerigar Society.

One of the major aims of those 23 fanciers who attended the first meeting, was to ensure that show promoters put on separate classes for Clearwings. Up to that time, they had to be shown in the A.O.C. classes and very few of them were good enough to win against this mixed type of opposition.

Currently, shows now have separate classes for Clearwings and Open Shows include individual classes for Yellow-wings and Whitewings with cocks and hens segregated. The Budgerigar Society have brought in challenge certificates at Championship Shows and they are available for both Yellow-wing and Whitewing series, a tremendous advancement for the Clearwing variety.

The Association's Club Show, held in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society Club Show now regularly attracts classes of over 20 entries in the Champion section, with equally large numbers in some of the lower status sections. The size of the Clearwing has increased beyond all recognition from those early years and many have annexed major awards in strong competition around the shows.

Conventions are held periodically throughout the country. These have proved a great attraction with top breeders and exhibitors talking on all aspects of the fancy. An all Clearwing Show is usually held at the same time and the competition is fierce to get amongst the coveted special prize winners.

Open Show patronage is granted to a large number of Societies throughout the year, where the show promoter specifies separate classes for Yellow-wing and Whitewing and of course the expected Clearwing entry must make the granting of patronage worthwhile. Several categories of patronage are awarded, with the highest going to the Areas with most support, and down the line to the smaller Open Show where we are trying to encourage a growth of the Clearwing breeders.

The instigation of an “Exhibitor of the Year” award to the member who wins most rosettes and C.B.B.A. specials at Open Shows, has had a marked affect on a number of shows and entries have increased.

Although the word Clearwing is part of the Association’s title, it does not cater for all forms of the variety which can be included under the name of Clearwing. The reason for the C.B.B.A. to specify solely the Yellow-wing and Whitewing the pure form of Clearwing, is their conception of perfection to breed a true exhibition type budgerigar which does not have the complications of the mixed form, i.e. Cinnamon Clearwing, Opaline Clearwing, Pied Clearwing, Yellowfaced Clearwing, Crested Clearwing, Spangle Clearwing and others which are difficult to recognise.

In setting this out at the onset, the C.B.B.A. sought to achieve a beautiful exhibition type Clearwing that would be easily distinguished from the other varieties, and sought after by all levels of breeders for their colour and exhibition qualities.

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