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The C.B.B.A Club Show 2005 in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show

Photos - Terry A Tuxford

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Yellow Wing Any Age
Roger Day

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White Wing Any Age
Guppy & Barnes

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Yellow-wing Any Age Opposite Sex
M & P Freemantle

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Whitewing Any Age Opposite Sex
Guppy & Barnes

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Yellow-wing Young Bird
M & P Freemantle

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White-wing Young Bird
Roger Day

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Yellow-wing Young Bird Opposite Sex
Roger Day

The Club enjoyed another successful show in November held in conjunction with the B.S. World Show. Major winners on a slightly increased catalogue entry from 2004, were;-

Guppy & Barnes for Best Clearwing in Show, also Best Whitewing A/A
M & P Freemantle for Best Clearwing Y/B, also Best Yellow-wing Y/B in show.

R. Day for Best Yellow-wing A/A and Best White wing Y/B.
Section winners were Intermediate – M & D Walker for both A/A and Y/B, Novice – A. Anzara again for both A/A and Y/B and for Beginner Y/B P. Field.

Congratulations not only to the above winners but to all members who supported the Show.

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