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The C.B.B.A Club Show 2002 in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show

All roads led to Doncaster on the weekend of 16th & 17th November, when the Clearwing big guns met head to head for the fancys equivalent of footballs match of the day.

The last show at the Race Course Venue for a while saw an increase in entries on the previous year, with a total of 164 Clearwings entered, of wich 149 were benched.

Judges Dave Guppy from Somerset (yellow-wings0 and Brian Scott from East Sussex (Whitewings) thoroughlt enjoyed their Club Show experience although both agreed that numerically and quality wise the bulk of the competition came from the Champion ranks, with the lower sections being far less populated .

Top honours this year came from the Yellow-wings, an immaculate Yellow-wing Light Green Cock staged by the Worcestershire based partnership of Hughes & Proctor coming to the fore. This well balanced bird in excellent condition was an easy winner of the Yellow-wing Any Age Certificate and went on to be best Yellow-wing, Best Clearwing Any Age and subsequently Best Clearwing in Show.

The same exhibitors also took the awards for Best Whitewing Any Age, Best Whitewing in Show, Best opposite Sex Clearwing in Show and second best Clearwing in show , with a Whitewing Violet Hen. A bird of good position, with width of face and depth of mask.

Leading a contingent of 32 Whitewings Young Birds was Roger Day’s Whitewing Cobalt Cock. A good size bird with width of head and powerful shoulders.

Malcolm & Pam Freemantle’s stylish Yellow-winf Light Green Hen beat off the challenge of 40 other young birds for the Yellow-wing Young Bird Certificate, the same bird also gained the award for Best Young Clearwing in Show

Judges 2002 Club Show Report Whitewing Any Age and Young Bird

Whitewing Any Age Line Up - Brian Scott

B.O.C Hughes & Proctor Whitewing Violet Hen. Sat well nice width of face good depth of mask
2 Hughes & Proctor Whitewing Skyblue Cock. A bird with good length and depth of face
3 C & A Corker Whitewing Skyblue Cock. Good width of face but unfortunately lacked condition on the day
4 T Hawksworth Whitewing Skyblue Cock. This bird displays a good length but narrow through the face
5 C & A Corker Whitewing Skyblue Hen. Short and narrow by comparison to the first three
6 C Angus-Smith Whitewing Skyblue Hen. A little dumpy
7 B & M Walker Whitewing Violet Hen. Lacked length and was a little on the narrow side
8 G M Grist Whitewing Cobalt Cock. Down on size compared to the higher placed exhibits

Whitewing Young Bird Line Up - Judge Brian Scott

B.O.C R Day Whitewing Cobalt Cock. A bird of substance, good size,width of head and powerful shoulders
2 R Day Whitewing Skyblue Hen. Nice length and width of cap but tends to taper away
3 C Tipton Whitewing Skyblue Hen. Pleasing face in good condition but lacks size and length of the first two
4 C Angus-Smith Whitewing Cobalt Cock. Nice type but has no outstanding features
5 B & M Walker Whitewing Cobalt Hen. This bird has good width of head but lacks length
6 T Hawksworth Whitewing Cobalt Cock. Has reasonable depth of mask
7 C & A Corker Whitewing Skyblue Cock. Reasonable size but needs more width of face and depth of mask

 Judges 2002 Club Show Report Yellow-wing Any Age and Young Bird

Yellow-wing Any Age Line Up - Judge: David Guppy

B.O.C Hughes & Proctor Yellow-wing Light Green Cock. Well balanced bird, good condition, good top end. Easy winner
2 B & M Walker Yellow-wing Dark Green Cock. Better colour than the winner but lacks the winners class
3 Hughes & Proctor Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. Another well balanced bird. Good colour. A nice Hen
4 C & A Coker Yellow-wing Dark Green Cock. Good depth of mask, patchy body colour, lacks a bit upstairs
5 C & A Corker Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. Even body colour, good stance, lacks head quality
6 A R Huckstep Yellow-wing Dark Green Cock. Deep body colour, but has dark wings and flights
7 B & M Walker Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. Good contrast bird, but lacks head quality
8 Chris Angus-Smith Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. Reasonable depth of mask, patchy body colour, tail not fully down

Yellow-wing Young Bird Line Up - Judge: David Guppy

B.O.C M & P Freemantle Yellow-wing Light Green Hen. Good all round bird, with nice style
2 W.M.Miller Yellow-wing Olive Cock. A very nice young cock bird, but a little down on body colour
3 T.Hawksworth Yellow-wing Dark Green Cock. Clear wings and good body colour but lacks overall style of the first two
4 B & M Walker Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. A typey bird with good wings, but needs more width above the eye
5 C & A Corker Yellow-wing Light Green Hen. Down on contrast . Cage, could have been displayed to better advantage
6 C.Angus-Smith Yellow-wing Dark Green Hen. Good bodied bird but very untidy at the rear end, short tail
7 A.R.Huckstep Yellow-wing Dark Green Cock. Quite a typey bird with reasonable length, but short in the mask
8 C.Tipton Yellow-wing Light Green Cock. Out of condition, Dark wings and spots

The C.B.B.A Club Show 2002 Trophy Winners


S.D.Parsons Trophy Best Clearwing in Show 33-3 Hughes & Proctor


Malcolm Freemantle Trophy 2nd Best Clearwing in Show 36-2 Hughes & Proctor


Association Cup Best Clearwing Young Bird 134-1 M & P Freemantle


Founder Chairmans Cup Best Clearwing Any Age 33-3 Hughes & Proctor


Tony Giles Memorial Cup Best White-wing in Show 36-2 Hughes & Proctor


Tudor & Morgan Trophy Best White-wing Any Age 36-2 Hughes & Proctor


Tudor & Morgan Trophy Best Yellow-wing Any Age 33-3 Hughes & Proctor


D.Spackman Trophy Best White-wing Young Bird 135-9 Roger Day


P & M Freemantle Trophy Best Yellow-wing Young Bird 134-1 M & P Freemantle


W.E.Relf Trophy Best Op Sex Clearwing Young Bird 133-10 W M Miller


H.Palmer Memorial Trophy Best Op Sex Clearwing Any Age 36-2 Hughes & Proctor


C.A.Teasdale Trophy Best Champion Clearwing Breeder 134-1 M & P Freemantle


O38 Trophy Best Intermediate Clearwing Breeder 335-2 Chris Angus-Smith


A.A.Collier Cup Best Novice Clearwing Breeder 536-1 M & B Walker


W.S.Bancroft Trophy Best Beginner Clearwing Breeder 734-4 C & A Corker


Mr & Mrs Bancroft Trophy Most Points Club Show Tie Hughes & Proctor- R Day 61pts


C.B.B.A Breeder Trophy Most Breeder Points Club Show Roger Day


Dutch Trophy Best Yellow Wing in Show 33-3 Hughes & Proctor


Margaret Johnson Memorial T Best Novice Clearwing Any Age 433-2 M & B Walker


A.A.Adey Trophy Best Beginner Clearwing Any Age 633-4 C & M Corker

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