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reported compiled by Ghalib Al-Nasser - Bird Photos Mick Freakley

Every year the 6 specialist societies hold their club show at the Mecca of all shows; the B.S. World Championship Show in Doncaster. Since moving the show date back to week 39 (late September/early October) in 2015, the entry increased by 13% in 2015 and a further 5% increase in 2016 with a total entry of 2267 (including Sales) and 1859 benched (including Sales) with a further increase in total exhibitors to 174. The atmosphere was great as always and the qualities of the birds are best to none. As always, the show had an international flavour to it with fanciers attending from as far afield as Australia, South Africa & U.S.A. and also from Belgium, Eire, France, Germany, Holland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland & a fancier (crested member) from Kuwait that I am aware of, and no doubt there were many other countries represented.


The spangle variety continued with its success at the Budgerigar Society Club Show and throughout the year and history was repeated for the fourth time when a spangle won the supreme award for Alec & Dave Woan. It was back in 1999 when Frank Silva won the supreme with a spangle grey cock followed by the late Stuart Raven in 2000 with a spangle grey green cock then Tom Deacon won the supreme again in 2002 with a spangle grey cock. Congratulations to all the winners at the club show.

Best In Show - Alec & Dave Woan

Winning members in the Spangle sections were treated, once again, to some wonderfully designed certificates and the best spangle in show and six certificate winners also received special certificates enclosed in glass frames which added a further special touch to the awards. Our sincere thanks are extended to John Cosby for producing those wonderful certificates. Sadly, only one out of the six certificate winners was a member of the society but nevertheless the quality was very high.

Mick Freeborn judged the 84 Spangle Greens, Tony Pope the 97 Spangle Blues and Pierre Swart (South Africa) the 54 Double Factor Spangles.

Spangle Green

What a top quality Spangle Dark Green cock that won the Supreme award for Alec & Dave Woan. I remember judging this bird at the 2015 club show and gave it the young bird certificate and the bird won many BIS awards during the 2016 show season. Another top quality Spangle Light Green cock from the Steve & Bill Squires’ stud, another top winner during the show season, was second. The junior J. Clark occupied third place with another cock.

Second place - Spangle Light Green cock from the Steve & Bill Squires

The McGovern family (Frank, Carol & Joe) headed the young bird certificate with a Light Green cock with good width of shoulder. Richard & Michael Miller were second with a solid Light Green hen followed by Gareth Hughes Light Green cock in third place.

McGovern family (Frank, Carol & Joe) Best Young Bird Spangle Green

Spangle Blue

The Millers won the adult certificate with a nice capping quality Skyblue cock followed by their Opaline Violet hen in second place. Dean Jukes was third with a Cobalt cock.

R & M Miller - Best Any Age Spangle Blue

Heading the young bird certificate was Rene Heylen from Belgium with a nice clean top quality Cobalt cock staged in good condition. Another quality Cobalt hen bred by Jeffrey Burns of good markings was second followed by Daniel Norman’s Skyblue hen in third place.

Rene Heylen  - Best Young Bird Spangle Blue

Double Factor Spangle

Mick Widdowson & Brian Wilson headed the any age section with a well balanced good faced Yellow hen. The Miller partnership were second with a top quality Yellow cock but the colour run through the body let it down. A. Wood from the beginner section was third with a good bird but of poor colour.

Mick Widdowson (in photo) & Brian Wilson - Best Double Factor Spangle Any Age

Jeffrey Burns headed the young bird section with a quality White cock of good face. Shaun & Julie Blakey were second with a nice faced and good styled hen staged in good condition. Jeffrey Burns was third with a quality hen but of poor tail.

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