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reported compiled by Ghalib Al-Nasser

The Society’s club show was, once again, held in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society Club Show at its earlier date in September (week 39) and although the show had an increase in total entry by 13% the total spangle entry fell by one from last year due to few regular exhibitors were judging the show. The total entry of the three groups was 202 in comparison to 203 last year and 169 and 168 in previous years. There were 74 spangle greens entered, 89 spangle blues and 39 DF Spangles.

Steve & Bill Squires

The Association extends its congratulations to all winners and our thanks to Ghalib Al-Nasser who judged the Spangle Greens, John Cosby who judged the Spangle Blues and Bob Allen who judged the Double Factor Spangles. As always winning members in the Spangle sections were treated to some wonderfully designed certificates and the Best Spangle in Show and six major winners also received special certificates enclosed in glass frames which added a further special touch to the awards. Our sincere thanks are extended to John Cosby for producing those wonderful certificates.

Spangle Greens

The adult certificate went to a powerful Light Green cock of good width of head & shoulders belongs to Steve & Bill Squires showed in perfect condition. This bird eventually went on to win Best Overall Spangle in Show. A lovely Grey Green hen of good spangle marking shown by Thomas & Wall was second. This was followed by Mark & T Rodgers partnership from Dublin Grey Green cock of good quality and blow and pushed hard for second place but the hen won on her good spangle marking.

Steve & Bill Squires  - AA CC (Photo © Mick Freakley)

A lovely Dark Green cock of good blow and directional feathering bred by Alex & Dave Woan won the young bird certificate. Mick Widdowson & Brian Wilson were second with a wide headed and shoulders Grey Green hen of good spangle markings. Another hen, a Dark Green, from the Squires stud was third that stood well and had good markings.

Alex & Dave Woan  - YB CC (Photo © Mick Freakley)

Spangle Blues

A substantial Grey cock with good head width won the adult certificate for Terry Price. This was followed by a nice Opaline Violet hen benched by Richard & Michael Miller in second place. This was followed by Frank, Carol & Joe McGovern’s Grey cock of good blow in third place.

Terry Price - AA CC (photo T Price)

Jim & Carol Huxley head the young bird CC with a well marked Grey cock with good width of face. The Rodgers partnership were second with a Skyblue cock of quality but let down by missing spots. In third position was Daniel Norman (successfully graduating from the junior to beginner section) with a Skyblue cock of good substance but lacked in condition.

Jim & Carol Huxley - YB CC (Photo © Mick Freakley)

Double Factor Spangles

Heading the adult CC was Jim & Carol Huxley with a Yellow cock of good head width and size but had body suffusion. The Millers were second with another quality Yellow cock of good width and size but with body suffusion. Another Yellow cock of good type and length benched by a beginner A. Wood was in third place.

Jim & Carol Huxley - AA CC (Photo © Mick Freakley)

The Widdowson & Wilson partnership captured the young bird certificate with a long and stylish Yellow hen benched in good condition. Bill & Malcolm Hough were second with a quality Yellow cock of good width but had a short tail. Roger Swain & Sue Ford were third with a Yellow cock of good quality but lacked in condition. Where were the DFS Whites?

Widdowson & Wilson - YB CC  (Photo © Mick Freakley)

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