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SBBA  -   BS  CLUB SHOW  2008
reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, SBBA Chairman

There was a slight drop in total entry of 236 spangles (114 Greens and 122 Blues) for our ASSOCIATION’s club show held in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society Club Show in September. Despite this small drop in entry of 34 from last year, the quality was as good as in previous years. The spangles still fared well in the section awards with a win for the Spangle in both the novice any age and young bird sections. The association extends congratulations to all winners including those who also did well in their prospective sections with their spangles.

The Best Spangle in Show by a member and that for Best Spangle Green went to the lovely Double Factor Spangle Yellow cock bred by Brian Wilson. This bird won the young certificate last year and was Best Spangle Green in Show. Jerry Donovan missed out on making it a Hat Trick at this show having won the Best Spangle in Show award at both the Spangle Day and the Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show. He won Best Spangle Blue by a member with a young Double Factor Spangle White cock as well as the challenge certificate in the Green young bird and the Blue any age.

Winning members were also treated to some wonderful newly designed certificates and the best spangle in show and four major winners also received special certificates enclosed in glass frames which added a further special touch to the awards.

Once again we extend our thanks to John Cosby for manning our stand throughout the weekend; to Rod and Sue Clarke for dealing with our patronage and trophies, assisted by Cy Thorne; and to Clifton Wixon for his assistance.

Our thanks and congratulations are extended to all our members who entered their spangles at the show and did well.

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Spangle Green Series:

The B.S. President Geoff Capes judged this colour and awarded the adult CC to that wonderful Double Factor Yellow cock of Brian Wilson. This bird possessed head quality as well as width of shoulders, marred only by missing flights. However, it was good enough on the day to win the overall Best Spangle in Show by a member. John Wood was in second place with a Green cock of quality followed by George Booth’s Light Green hen in third place.

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Jerry Donovan topped the young bird section with a stylish Light Green cock of good balance. A big Grey Green cock from B. Smith was second but had some pinfeathers. Les Martin staged a lovely Cinnamon Grey Green hen in third place but was slightly short in the tail.

Place      Any Age C.C.                                    Young Bird C.C.

1st            B A Wilson                                         J Donovan

2nd        J H Woods *                                    B Smith *        

3rd           G Booth *                                           L & P Martin

4th           J & L McGeehan                                J Donovan

5th           D Mullally                                           G J Tilson *

6th           P Cunliffe                                            B Smith *

7th           Ward & Rogers *                               B Cattell

17-3SpangAADonovan.JPG (2122801 bytes) Spangle Blue Series:

Grant Findlay judged this colour and the winner of the adult C.C. was the well-known Skyblue cock of Jerry Donovan. This is an outstanding bird with super head quality and good markings. A powerful Cinnamon Skyblue hen with good back skull was in second place for Steve Bailey. Paul Tiller was third with a good Skyblue cock.

145-7.JPG (696692 bytes) As if Mick Freakley & Ian Ainley did not have enough with winning Best in Show with their super Dominant Pied cock, they also won Best Spangle in Show with a beautiful Cinnamon Yellowface Grey hen.


Jerry Donovan benched a solid Double Factor White cock in second place, which was eventually awarded the Best Spangle Blue by a member. Alec & Dave Woan were third with an Opaline Grey cock possessing good spangle spots.

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Place   Any Age C.C.                          Young Bird C.C.

1st         J Donovan                       Freakley & Ainley *

2nd        S Bailey                                      J Donovan

3rd         P Tiller *                                 A & D Woan *

4th         B Cattell                                      B A Wilson

5th         C T Atkinson *                           P Cunliffe

6th         A & D Woan *                           J Donovan

7th         G & J Al-Nasser                         S Roberts

* indicates non-SBBA member

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