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Reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Chairman

The Spangled BBA held its Spangle Day, incorporating the AGM, in Loddington, Northamptonshire. The Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, opened the meeting by welcoming the 23 members present and thanked them for bringing their birds to the show. He made a special welcome to Linda Jukes, the judge, and Terry Jukes, the speaker of the day.

Ghalib Al-Nasser, Chairman of the SBBA, presenting
Linda & Terry Jukes with spangle ceramic beakers

Terry, with the aid of a power point video presentation titled “Disaster to Development”, explained how after reaching high notes with their exhibition stud when winning best opposite sex at the 1999 B.S. Club Show to when disaster hit in 2002 when, after returning from a holiday in Florida, they found all their birdroom and birds were burned to ashes due to a fire caused by an electrical fault in the birdroom.

Many offers of birds from friends who came to the rescue to start them up again, coupled with no show season in 2003 due the virus, made them determined to restart again. A visit to the 2003 Europa show in Karlsruhe with friends and a visit to Jo Mannes enabled them to obtain new birds on which to build their current successful stud of normals, opalines, cinnamons, spangles and dominant pieds.

Terry showed their new birdroom measuring 30 x 15 x 8.5 feet high and the new extension that they have added on it; his soft food preparation with all the vegetables used in that soft food. All in all it was a very good presentation that members enjoyed.

The Show 

While Terry was busy presenting his talk, his wife Linda judged the 38 spangles present, from 8 exhibitors. The Best in Show went to Jerry Donovan with a lovely Spangle Light Green cock winning the Best Spangle Single Factor, Best Green Series and Best champion. Arnold Stevens won Best Spangle Young Bird with a Spangle Opaline Grey cock and also best intermediate with a Double Factor Spangle White cock. Best Spangle Opposite Sex went to Stuart & Tina Lansdowne with a Grey Green hen who also won Best Novice with Spangle Grey Green cock and Best Double Factor Spangle with a Yellow cock. Best Beginner went to Ian Brickwood with a Spangle Grey Green hen. Michael & Margaret Chapman won Best Spangle Blue series with a Spangle Texas Clearbody Opaline Cinnamon Violet cock which caused some comments about identification.

The Alf Ormerod Memorial Trophy for the 2012 Most Spangle Young Bird wins went to Donald Burnett from Scotland with 8 wins.

Linda & Terry Jukes (centre) with the winners Jerry Donovan, Arnold Stevens,
Michael Chapman, Stuart Lansdowne & Ian Brickwood


At the AGM the Chairman Ghalib Al-Nasser welcomed members to the meeting, all officers gave positive reports on their activities and the balance sheet looked very healthy with a surplus on the year. All officers remained the same with Bob Allen as President, Ian Clarke President Elect, with Ghalib Al-Nasser and Stuart Forbes Life Vice Presidents; Janice Al-Nasser, Steve Amos, Jeff Attwood, Fred Canham, Bill & Christine Heale, Rienhard Molkentin, Frank Silva, Roy Stringer & Ron Thumwood, Vice Presidents; Ghalib Al-Nasser, Chairman, Acting Secretary & Publicity Officer; Rod Clarke, Vice Chairman & Patronage Secretary; John Cosby, Membership Secretary; Janice Al-Nasser, Treasurer; Ian Clarke, Editor; Sue Clarke, Trophy Steward; Bob Allen, Ian Brickwood, Cy Thorne and Clifton Wixon, committee members. It was decided that the next Spangle Day/AGM will be held on 13th April 2014 by accepting the invitation from Ellesmere CBS to host the event. The society’s website ( is kept fully updated.

A new patronage package as from the 2014 show season was approved on the proviso of acceptance of the new Budgerigar Society classification and the increase in the number of challenge certificates.


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