Reported by Janice Al-Nasser, Publicity Officer

The Spangled BBA held their Spangle Day at a new venue in Windsor, hosted by the Bucks & Berks BA. The chairman Stuart Forbes thanked members for attending and bringing birds to the show and apologised for the absence of the Society’s outgoing President Chris Keeler due to work commitments.

The guest speaker for the event was Frank Silva who gave a Power Point presentation showing slides with commentary of his set-up and life in the fancy. Frank gave a brief history of the spangle variety from when it was initially established in Australia in the early 1970s; its introduction to Britain in 1981 by the late Alf Ormerod, and the influence of the British spangles as the forerunners of the current super spangles abroad. Frank’s successful stud of spangles originated from two Ormerod bloodline spangles that he purchased from Doug Sadler in the mid 1990s. By outcrossing them to his successful stud of blues and greens over the years he was able to breed his spangle winners at the BS World Show in 1999 (best in show, best any age and best young bird in show) and 2002 (best young bird in show). He achieved his first BIS in 1995 with a Double Factor Spangle Yellow cock.

Frank commented on the fertility of his stud as well as the variety but feels that the variety has suffered in its markings/spots etc as it has been used to improve fertility in other varieties. He advised the audience to look at their studs and set achievable targets to aim for. Have objectives and breed accordingly to produce stock for future use to achieve those objectives. To look for special features that will enhance the overall quality of the stock and to make this part of the plan. With this in mind Frank went on to project slides of some super birds from his stud ranging over the last few years from the best young bird at the 1998 BS Club Show with his Cinnamon Olive Green cock to the 2002 winner at the BS Club Show, his Spangle Grey cock. Frank’s own view is that the best bird he has ever bred was the normal Cobalt cock seen at the 2002 BS Club Show, albeit without a tail at the time.

Followed this presentation there was a question and answer session where Frank gave his views on wire cages, his initial start in the hobby, before which he had kept greyhounds and fish, his management and breeding techniques, his feeding method and the current decline in membership.

While Frank was busy presenting his slide show and answering questions Alan Moore judged the Members’ Show, which suffered from a drop in entry. He awarded the best spangle in show and best champion to Cy Thorne (DF Spangle Yellow cock) and best novice to Mick Anzara (Spangle Grey Green cock).

The Alf Ormerod Memorial Trophy for the 2004 Most Spangle Young Bird wins went to Paul Cunliffe.

At the AGM, Alan Moore was inaugurated as the new President and Les Martin was elected to the post of President Elect. All other officers remained the same and were announced as: G. Al-Nasser, Life Vice President; S. Amos, J. Attwood, F. Canham, B. & C. Heale, R. Molkentin, F. Silva, R. Stringer & R. Thumwood, Vice Presidents; Stuart Forbes, Chairman & Treasurer; Clifton Wixon (88 Highworth Crescent, Yate, Bristol BS37 4HL. Tel: 01454 881334 e-mail, Secretary; Marion Wixon, Vice Chairman & Editor; John Cosby, Membership Secretary; Rod Clarke, patronage secretary; Janice Al-Nasser, Publicity Officer; Sue Clarke, Trophy Steward; Bob Allen, Cy Thorne and Ian Brickwood, committee members. The society has its own website ( to view.

Members were informed that the B.S. has decided to award a second challenge certificate for the spangle variety (green and blue) at all the area societies and two star shows commencing with the 2006 show season.

It was decided by the committee that the next Spangle Day will be held on 30th April 2006 and North West Leicestershire BS will host the event.

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