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Members from the Crested Budgerigar Club (CBC) and Spangled Budgerigar Breeders’ Association (SBBA) gathered together on the evening of Saturday 30th June 2012 to celebrate a milestone in both societies’ history. It was a Jubilee Celebration for both societies and they held a joint function with 43 fanciers attending the 24th show organised by the Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show (SRVOS) held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Flore, Northamptonshire.

Guest of Honours Chris Hawkins, Maurice Roberts & Bob Allen

A three course meal was served and in between courses speeches were made by senior fanciers. Ghalib Al-Nasser, in his treble role as the Chairman and past President of both societies as well as the Show Organiser & Chairman of the SRVOS thanked members and guests for attending and made a special welcome to the three overseas fanciers who were present at the function namely John Carter, President of the Australian Pied BS, as well as two overseas CBC members Carlos Ram˘a from Portugal who will be judging the SRVOS next year and Martin Stieglmaier from Germany. Ghalib was pleased to see fanciers from the ten area societies as well as the six specialist societies represented at the function. He thanked Maurice Roberts, President of the Budgerigar Society, for attending the function as the Guest of Honour and also to Chris Hawkins, President of the CBC, and Bob Allen, President of the SBBA, for joining him at the head table.
Ghalib reflected on the role of the specialist societies within the fancy as a whole, and the beginning of the CBC, formed on 20th October 1962 with 26 members; also on the formation of the SBBA on 14th November 1987 with 34 members attending. His association with both societies has been long, as he joined the CBC in 1972 and was chairing the first SBBA inaugural meeting as a co-founder member. He was pleased and honoured to still be at the helm of both societies so many years later and even more pleased to see Presidents from the five specialist societies and two area societies as well as The Budgerigar Society, Maurice Roberts, attending this unique function. Those were Chris Hawkins (CBC), Bob Allen (SBBA), Dave Guppy (CBBA), Michael Chapman (VBC), Janice Al-Nasser (RV&CBS), Margaret Chapman (LEA) and Rick Watts (LSCBS). He hoped that fanciers will join next year in another jubilee celebration when the show committee of the SRVOS will be celebrating the Silver Jubilee Show and invited the Management Committee and members of the Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders’ Association (CBBA) who will be celebrating their Golden Jubilee to join them in another double celebration.

All Presidents at the Jubilee Celebration – standing (left to right) Chris Hawkins, Michael Chapman, Rick Watts, Dave Guppy, Bob Allen. Sitting – Maurice Roberts, Margaret Chapman, Janice Al-Nasser

Maurice Roberts, Budgerigar Society President, was the second speaker whose knowledge on all the specialist societies is unique as he is a member of all of them as well as a member of all the ten area societies. He reflected on the role that Alan Fullilove, founder member of the CBC, played in the early days of the formation of the club till the time he handed over the secretarial duties to Ghalib in 1976 before his retirement. Alan is alive and well, making him the only CBC founder member still living who sent his congratulations to the CBC.

Maurice said that the role of the specialist societies is as important as the role of the area societies in making the fancy flourish with each having their own areas of responsibilities.

The last speaker of the evening was Grant Findlay who said, like Ghalib, he filled a double role within both organisations as he was for many years the Membership Secretary & Treasurer of the CBC as well as past President and for one year he was the Secretary of the SBBA. He also praised the work that Ghalib has done for both societies and many others and said that, like him or not, he was the common factor in the CBC, SBBA and SRVOS and has held them together for so many years.

He proposed a toast to both the CBC and SBBA and hoped that they continue to flourish and serve their members well.

All fanciers who attended said how much they enjoyed the evening with the usual friendly banter and even Janice Al-Nasser made a short speech, saying that Ghalib is celebrating his own Golden Jubilee on 1st August as he landed in England 50 years ago and that she is making a collection to mark the event by seeking donations towards a one way ticket back to Iraq, and felt that this would probably result in a business class ticket!


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