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Article List

Outcrosses Terry A Tuxfordnew2.gif (1098 bytes)
THE BEAUTY OF SPANGLES Jack Hordijk, Holland

Memories of Spangles

Harry Bryan
Introducing Spangles John Scoble
Interviews – Clifton & Marion Wixon Roy Stringer
The Spangles Scrutineered Amos & Thumwood
The Spangle Mutation Cyril H. Rogers
My Single is not a Double – Todays Spangles Eric Peake
What is a Spangle Rick Millspaugh
How I started in Budgerigars Cy Thorne
Interviews - Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser Roy Stringer
How I Bred My Winning Spangles Frank Silva
Keeping The Spangle Gene Balanced Bill & Christine Heale
Spangles For The Future Bill & Christine Heale
Spangles Past & Present Clifton & Marion Wixon
What Is A Spangle Eric Peake
Spangles Eric Peake
A Spangle Experience Fred Sherman
Judging The Spangle Variety Ghalib Al-Nasser
What Have We Done To This Beautiful Variety? Ghalib Al-Nasser
Spangles - A Few Changes Les Martin
Getting A Line Back Sue & Rod Clarke
Going From Strength To Strength Stuart Forbes
The Character of Spangles In Europe Mark Phillips
Interview With Mark Phillips Mark Phillips
SBBA News - July 2000 Janice Al-Nasser
The Spangled Budgerigar Bob Wilson
Spangle Breeder Profile Paul & Nicki Stannard
Spangle Breeder Profile George Booth
Double Factor Spangles Clifton & Marion Wixon
Introducing Spangles to our Stud Bob and Anne Whattam
The Melanistic Spangle Jeff Attwood
Spangle Breeder Profile Tom Deacon
Double Factor Spangles Ghalib Al-Nasser
South African National 2003 Ghalib Al-Nasser
Breeding Spangles Bob Allen

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