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report by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Show Organiser

The 27th Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show was another success with a great, relaxed atmosphere among exhibitors and visitors. The total entry was 526 from 40 exhibitors of which 444 birds were benched. The added attraction this year, apart from the coloured ceramic beakers for all best of colour winners, was the introduction of a class for the Colour Budgerigars of which 21 were entered. This class created quite an interest among some fanciers. It was always a pleasure to see our friend Carlos RamŰa from Portugal attending the show as he always does.

As always, the show committee extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the following sponsors; Brown & Hutt (50% cost of all the open rosettes for the show); Geoff Capes (cost of all the ceramic awards to the judges and Best of Colours); Mick Anzara, Ian Brickwood, Sue & Rod Clarke, Jan Hill, Grant Findlay & Nick Flavell and Dave & Linda Rafis for their financial sponsorship. Warren Wilson & BRASEA donated major rosettes for all the BOC winners. Frank & Vanessa Barnes and Swindon BS donated a Team show cage for the raffle. The show also received sponsorship in the form of bags of seed & products from Norman & June Cox, Johnson & Jeff Ltd, Country Wide Seed and Gren & Pat Norris. Donated birds for the raffle came from Alan & Gina Adams, Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser, Geoff Capes, Neville & Jenny East, Arnold Stevens and Trevor & Adrian Terheege to whom the show committee extends its sincere thanks.

Our Guest of Honour this year to present the 45 trophies was The Budgerigar Society President, Beverley Hutt.

To move away from the threat of clashing with the F1 Silverstone Race Championship the show will move to week 25 as from next year on 25th & 26th June at the same venue in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire.


There was a drop in entry to 24 for Maurice Roberts to judge and he awarded the adult certificate and Best Rare Variety in Show to a Slate cock benched by Mick Anzara. A Slate hen from Rod & Sue Clarke was second followed by a Rainbow cock from Mick Anzara in third place.

Terry Sadler headed the young bird section with a good sized Opaline Slate hen. Mick Anzara was second with a Rainbow cock followed by another good coloured Rainbow from Grant Findlay & Nick Flavell in third place.

Best Anthracite, D & L Rafis; Best English Fallow, Best German Fallow, Best Rainbow, Best Slate, M. Anzara; Best Saddleback, G & J Al-Nasser.


Wayne Bloxham judged the 16 entries in this section and awarded the adult certificate to an Easley Skyblue cock of Gren & Pat Norris with good head quality and size. A Texas Yellowface Skyblue cock was second for Michael & Margaret Chapman followed by a nice faced Texas Clearbody Cobalt hen  from the Findlay & Flavell partnership.

Michael & Margaret Chapman again came out on top in the young bird section with a Texas cock of good deportment with nice spots and depth of mask to win the overall Best Clearbody in Show. Their Easley cock of good deportment was third best. Cy Thorne & Belinda Finlayson were second with a Texas hen of good substance.


There was a further drop in entry to 37 for Jeff Attwood to judge. He awarded the adult certificate to a Suffused Yellow cock of good length and deportment shown in good condition from Tom Jackson. The Al-Nasserís were second with a Lacewing White cock of good size and head quality. Rob Brokenshire was third with an Opaline Lacewing White hen of good size and head quality.

Sean Murray headed the young bird CC and Best Overall with a quality big Opaline Lacewing White hen presented well from the beginner section. Tom Jackson was second with an Opaline White Cobalt hen followed by the Terheege partnership with an Opaline Suffused Yellow hen.

Sean Murray - AOC YB CC and Best Overall AOC - Opaline Lacewing White hen

Best Olive, T. Foddy; Best Violet, R. Cozens; Best Lacewing, S. Murray; Best Greywing, R. Brokenshire; Best Yellow, T. Jackson; Best White, T. Jackson; Best AOV Clearwing etc, B. Taylor.