reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Show Organiser

In celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee Show the Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show sadly had a fall of 26% in entry caused by a drop in the number of exhibitors because of the clash with Silverstone Formula One Racing nearby which unfortunately put a few exhibitors off. However, the clash and diversion around the area did not affect those who turned up with their birds from the West Country both ways. The show had a total entry of 480 of which 333 birds were benched from 38 exhibitors.

As always, the show committee extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the following sponsors; Brown & Hutt (50% cost of all the open rosettes for the show); to Geoff Capes (cost of all the ceramic awards to the judges and Best of Colours), Mick Anzara, Jan Hill, Grant Findlay & Nick Flavell, Dave Guppy and Dave & Linda Rafis for their financial sponsorship. Warren Wilson & BRASEA donated major rosettes for all the BOC winners and other colour awards. The show also received sponsorship in the form of products from The Birdcare Company, Johnson & Jeff Ltd, Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd and Murphy & Son Ltd. Donated birds for the raffle came from Bob Allan, Gren & Pat Norris, Bob McCabe, Cy Thorne and Malcolm & Pam Freemantle. All members of the show committee also sponsored the show with raffle prices.

Terry Sadler

Our Guest of Honour this year to present the 45 trophies was Bob Allen, the Spangled BBA President. Next year's show will be staged on 28th & 29th June 2014 (week 26) at the same venue in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire.


There was a small drop in entry to 29 for Geoff Capes to judge and he awarded the adult certificate to the well known Anthracite of Gren & Pat Norris of good colour and size. A good coloured and balanced Slate hen of Mick Anzara was second followed by Bob Allen’s Opaline Slate hen in third place.

Terry Sadler headed the young bird section with a quality Opaline Slate hen of good size and colour making her the overall best rare in show. Mick Anzara filled in the next two places with a good coloured Rainbow cock followed by a Slate cock.

Best Anthracite, G & P Norris; Best English Fallow, G & J Al-Nasser; Best German Fallow, Mrs. J. Hill; Best Rainbow, M. Anzara; Best Slate, T. Sadler; Best Saddleback, G & J Al-Nasser.


After the good increase in this section last year there was a drop to 61 this year for Dave Woan to judge. He awarded the Violet cock of good colour, blow and width from Michael & Margaret Chapman’s stud as the overall winner of this section. A smart and long Lacewing White cock from Terry Sadler was second staged in good condition. Gren & Pat Norris were third with a large Easley Clearbody Grey Green cock which was heavy in colour.

Bob McCabe headed the young bird section for the second year running with a quality Suffused Yellow hen of good width and colour. Bob Allen was second with a Lacewing Yellow hen which was staged in condition. This was followed by John & Jamie Naylor’s Texas Clearbody Cinnamon Cobalt hen of good colour.

Best Olive, J. Farnham; Best Mauve, J. Prothero; Best Violet, M & M Chapman; Best Texas Clearbody, M & M Chapman; Best Easley Clearbody, G & P Norris; Best Lacewing, T. Sadler; Best Greywing, G & J Al-Nasser; Best Yellow, R. McCabe; Best White, M & P Freemantle; Best AOV Clearwing etc, J. Cosby.


Variety Best Any Age Best Young Bird
Best Rare

43-1    T. Sadler *

144-4  R. J. Allen


45-3    G & J Al-Nasser *



43-1    T. Sadler

144-4  R. J. Allen


31-2    G & P Norris *

131-1  D & L Rafis

English Fallow

32-1    G & J Al-Nasser *


German Fallow

233-1  Mr. J. Hill *

333-1  M. Anzara

Easley Clearbody

42-2    G & P Norris *


Texas Clearbody

40-3    M & M Chapman *

341-1  J & J Naylor


235-3  M. Anzara

135-1  T. Sadler *


36-1    G & J Al-Nasser *

336-1   Mrs. J. Hill


234-2  M. Anzara *

334-1   M. Anzara

* indicates Best of each variety overall