Leading Rares at the 2007 Specialist & Rares Show
Photos by Terry A Tuxford

Bob Allen judged the 79 Rares, which had a drop in entry from last year despite the extra class for the Texas Clearbody.

The adult winner and best rare overall went to a well marked and nice type Texas Clearbody light green cock of Emma & Marstin Nee from the beginner section. Sue & Rod Clarke were second with their Easley Clearbody skyblue cock of good variety marking. Sam Wildes was third with a Texas Clearbody light green hen of good size.

Cy Thorne came on top in the young bird section with a nice deep masked Texas Clearbody grey green cock of good marking. Another Texas Clearbody and this time a stylish light green hen from Les Cutler was second followed by Pete Holiday’s slate hen of good length.

Best English Fallow, G & J Al-Nasser; best Slate, M. Hann; best Texas Clearbody, E & M Nee; best Easley Clearbody, S & R Clarke; best Rainbow, R. Day; best Saddleback, M. Anzara.

Variety Best Any Age Best Young Bird
BEST OVERALL E & M Nee* C Thorne
Greywing G & J Al-Nasser* J G Grubb
Lacewing M J Peel C THorne*
German Fallow N/E N/E
English Fallow G & J Al-Nasser* N/E
Easley Clearbody S & R Clarke* E & M Nee
Texas Clearbody E & M Nee* C Thorne
Slate M Hann* Mrs J A Hill
Saddleback M Anzara* N/E
Rainbow R Day* R Day

Clearbody - E & M Nee - Best Any Age

Clearbody - C Thorne - Best Young Bird

 *   indicates Best of each variety overall