Leading Rares at the 2005 Specialist & Rares Show
Photos by Terry A Tuxford

Variety Best Any Age Best Young Bird
BEST OVERALL L. J. Cutler * E. & M. Nee
Rainbow Findlay & Flavell * M. Anzara
Greywing M. Anzara * N/A
Lacewing C. Thorne * E. & M. Nee
German Fallow D. A. Mullee * N/E
English Fallow R. J. Allen * M. Anzara
Clearbody L. J. Cutler * E. & M. Nee
Slate D. A. Mullee * M. Widdowson
Saddleback G. & J. Al-Nasser * N/E

 *   indicates Best of each variety overall

lacewing38-1.jpg (24162 bytes)
Lacewing (38-1) Cy Thorne
33-3.jpg (28920 bytes)
Clearbody A/A (33-3) Les Cutler (Best Rare in Show)
733-1.jpg (26935 bytes)
Clearbody Y/B (Best Rare Y/B) (733-1) Emma & Martin Nee
slate232-1.jpg (28527 bytes)
Slate (232-1) Deamonn Mullee
germfallow231-1.jpg (23438 bytes)
German Fallow (231-1) Deamonn Mullee
engfallow30-3.jpg (25465 bytes)
English Fallow (30-3) Bob Allen