RARE VARIETY & COLOUR B.S. – Annual Members Day 2013
reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser

The Rare Variety & Colour B.S. held its Annual Members’ Show, Seminar and A.G.M. in Loddington, Northants and it was well supported by members and guests and, for the third year, also incorporated the Annual Members’ Show of the Crested BC.

There were 42 rare birds benched from 9 exhibitors for Keith Leedham to judge. The best in show went to a nice and well-presented Anthracite cock bred by Gren & Pat Norris. The young bird award went to Michael & Margaret Chapman’s Texas Clearbody Light Green cock while the partnership of Cy Thorne & Belinda Finlayson won the best barhead award with a Lacewing Opaline White hen. Other best of variety awards went to Mick Anzara for Rainbow, Greywing & English Fallow; Thorne & Finlayson for Lacewing; Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser for German Fallow; David & Linda Rafis for Texas Clearbody; Sue & Rod Clarke for Slate; Gren & Pat Norris for Easley Clearbody & Anthracite. The Most Points in Show trophy went to Mick Anzara while Cyril & David Sharpe won the Most Points in the Novice/Beginner section.

Janice Al-Nasser (outgoing President) with Keith Leedham (speaker)
and the winners Pat Norris, Michael Chapman & Cy Thorne

After lunch Keith Leedham was the guest speaker and, with the aid of a power point presentation, he highlighted how he bred the new mutation “Misty” back in 2010 when he noticed one nest feather bird had lighter body colour than his parents. When this bird matured and paired up the following year he bred more of them in both the green & blue series. When exhibiting them in the Any Other Colour class they were wrong classed. The same variation of the normal body colour has been bred in other countries but on a much smaller proportion.

The new President Cy Thorne with the outgoing President Janice Al-Nasser

At the AGM, the Society’s outgoing President Janice Al-Nasser, presented the 2012 Silver (Any Age) Sovereign Salver and the Gold (Young Bird) Sovereign Salver to Mick Anzara and in her last act as President inaugurated the new President Cy Thorne with the Presidential Chain of Office. More information about the Society can be obtained from its website (www.rarebudgerigars.co.uk).

 Birds Benched:    42         No. of Exhibitors:  9           Year:   2013                    Judge: Keith Leedham 


Exhibitor Description

Best in Show (A/A)

Gren & Pat Norris

Anthracite Cock

Best Young Bird

Michael & Margaret Chapman

Texas Clearbody Light Green cock

Best Barrhead

Thorne & Finlayson

Lacewing Opaline White hen



Best Any Age Best Young Bird

C & D Sharpe

M. Anzara *


M. Anzara *



Thorne & Finlayson *

Thorne & Finlayson

German Fallow

G & J Al-Nasser *

M. Anzara

English Fallow

M. Anzara *


Texas Clearbody

D & L Rafis *

M & M Chapman

Easley Clearbody

G & P Norris *

S & R Clarke


S & R Clarke *

M. Anzara





G & P Norris *

D & L Rafis

* indicates Best overall of each variety

Most Points in Show

M. Anzara

Most Points Champ /Int.

M. Anzara

Most Points Novice / Beg.

C & D Sharpe