reported by Marstin & Emma Nee, Publicity Officers

The Rare Variety & Colour B.S. held their Annual Members’ Show, Seminar and A.G.M. at the new venue in Loddington, Northants and it was well supported by members and guests.

There were 52 birds for Ghalib Al-Nasser, the society’s chairman to judge from 9 exhibitors and for the second year running the Best in Show award went to an Easley Clearbody Grey Green cock of Gren & Pat Norris and the young bird award went to Cy Thorne’s Texas Clearbody Grey Green cock. Cy Thorne also won the barrhead award with a Lacewing Yellow hen. Other best of variety awards went to Sue & Rod Clarke for Rainbow & Slate; Beryl Bunyan for Lacewing; Bob Allen for German Fallow; Sheila Cook for English Fallow and Mick Anzara for Saddleback.

Birds Benched: 52 No. of Exhibitors: 9 Judge: Ghalib Al-Nasser
Best Rare in Show G. & P. Norris Easley Clearbody Grey Green cock
Best Young Bird C. Thorne Texas Clearbody Grey Green cock
Best Barhead C. Thorne Lacewing Yellow hen
Most Points in Show Sue & Rod Clarke  
Most Points Champ./Int Sue & Rod Clarke  
Most Points Novice/Beg Mick Anzara  
Variety Best Any Age Best Young Bird
Rainbow S. & R. Clarke * N/E
Greywing N/E N/E
Lacewing Mrs. B. Bunyan * C. Thorne
English Fallow Mrs. S. Cook * N/E
German Fallow R. J. Allen * N/E
Easley Clearbody G. & P. Norris * S. & R. Clarke
Texas Clearbody C. Thorne * C. Thorne
Slate S. & R. Clarke * N/E
Saddleback M. Anzara * N/E

 *   indicates Best of each variety overall

RV&CBS May 07 009.jpg (39655 bytes)

M Anzara
RV&CBS May 07 010.jpg (32558 bytes)
English Fallow

Mrs S Cook
RV&CBS May 07 011.jpg (36431 bytes)

S & R Clark
RV&CBS May 07 014.jpg (41824 bytes)
German Fallow

R J Allen
RV&CBS May 07 015.jpg (47166 bytes)
Easley Clearbody

G & P Norris

After lunch Stephen Fowler from the U.S.A. was the guest speaker and gave a power point presentation highlighting his background where he grew up initially in Lancashire prior to his family immigrating to America. He obtained a Masters Degree in Physics and after working in electronic firms he switched over to become a proprietor of an animal ranching and feed business in Arizona and as well as breeding budgerigars he also breeds miniature donkeys, miniature horses, corn snakes, king snakes, pionus parrots, caiques saluki hounds. Stephen is also interested in budgerigar genetics and rare varieties where at the moment he breeds the anthracites as well as lacewings and german fallows. He uses the automatic feeders for his 54 cages. His interest is also in nutrition and he is experimenting with different type of food such as Quinoa from Peru and Amarinth from South & North America. He further explained the fancy in the USA and how small it is in comparison to what we have in Britain.

At the AGM, the society chairman Ghalib Al-Nasser congratulated 3 members for achieving high offices this year namely Janice Al-Nasser (B.S. President), Maurice Roberts (Western Counties B&FBS President) and Sue Clarke (Northants BS President). Sue Clarke, the outgoing president, presented Mick Anzara with both the Silver & Gold Sovereign awards and to Sheila Cook with a ceramic plate in recognition of her long service as an editor since 1993. 

Maurice Roberts was inaugurated as the new president and Bob Allen was elected to the post of president elect. Other officers remained the same and new ones were elected as follows: Ghalib Al-Nasser, chairman; Rod Clarke, vice chairman & joint patronage secretary with wife Sue; Philip Dye (81 Drayton High Road, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk NR8 6AJ. Tel: 01603 860469 email: Philip.dye@btopenworld.com), secretary; Bob Allen, membership secretary & editor; Janice Al-Nasser, treasurer; Marstin & Emma Nee, publicity officers; Cy Thorne, trophy steward. Beryl Bunyan, Sheila Cook, Gren & Pat Norris and David Rafis, committee members.

It was decided by the committee that the next Annual Members Show/Seminar/AGM will be held on 18th May 2008 (week 20) and it will be staged again at Loddington, Kettering, Northants.

Winners, speakers and judge at the RV&CBS AGM (l to r) Pat Norris, Linda & Stephen Fowler, Cy Thorne, Gren Norris & Ghalib Al-Nasser

Sheila Cook receiving a commemorative plate from outgoing president Sue Clarke for long service recognition

Sue Clarke presenting Mick Anzara with his Gold & Silver Sovereign Awards

Sue Clarke with the new president Maurice Roberts