By Ghalib Al-Nasser, Chairman


The society held its annual members’ show in conjunction with the Specialist Societies Combined Event in May at the usual venue in Bugbrooke. The rare section saw an increase in entry and Cy Thorne was the winner of the group with a quality Texas clearbody grey hen of good variety marking and was presented with the BIS Wally Walraven trophy. It was another Texas clearbody hen that won the young bird award for David Turner. Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe won the Dave Curtis Memorial Shield for Most Point in Show.


David & Jini Sharpe won the Dave Curtis Memorial Shield


The society also held its AGM at this event and the Society Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, congratulated all the winners and thanked members for bringing birds to this Combined Event. It was announced that the 2015 overall winners were Mick Anzara with the Silver (Any Age) Sovereign Salver and Rod & Sue Clarke with the Gold (Young Bird) Sovereign Salver. It was also agreed that, as from next year, the society will issue a combined magazine with the Crested BC and Spangled BBA to cut down on cost as many of the members are members of the 3 societies.


Cy Thorne with David Turner


David Rafis was inaugurated as the new society’s president for the next 3 years and all officers remained the same at the AGM and were re-elected en-bloc as follows: Ghalib Al-Nasser, chairman, secretary & publicity officer; Rod Clarke, vice chairman & joint patronage secretary with wife Sue; Bob Allen, membership secretary & editor; Janice Al-Nasser, treasurer; Jim Mitchell, trophy steward; Ian Brickwood, Sheila Cook, John Cosby, Gren & Pat Norris, Jini Sharpe & Cy Thorne, committee members.


David Rafis was inaugurated as the new society’s president


Before the day’s activities started, a Minute’s Silence was observed for seven well-known & respected fanciers who passed away since the last show and were heavily involved in the progress of the specialist societies as well as many other societies including, for a few, their area societies and the Budgerigar Society namely Ray Brown, Dennis Brown & Shirley Mitchell all past presidents of LABS; Beryl Bunyan & Ken Gray past presidents of RV& CBS; Clifton Wixon past president of SBBA and Margaret Chapman, mother & partner of Michael who was past president of the VBC.

The speaker for the day was Phil Reaney, a well known and respected fancier and an excellent speaker, and the title of his presentation was Atom Bombs & Dynamite. Phil, with the aid of his power point presentation, went through the importance of head feather and its influence over the years to develop the modern day budgerigar. Phil described that the narrow feathered birds he called them the Dynamite type (an outward explosion of feathering on the head) and the broad feathered birds as Atomic type (the shape of the feathering on the head resembles the atomic cloud from an atom bomb) and by combining the two types and the outcrosses that he obtained from Jo Mannes and top studs in this country he created his own type and called it the Dyna-Mic line. Phil further explained the Yellow (narrow) & Buff (broad) theory of feather. A most enjoyable and educational presentation indeed.

Throughout the day Sue Clarke and her team were kept busy providing first class refreshments and an excellent buffet lunch for which we were all grateful. The show ran very efficiently with Pat & Ian Fielding as show secretaries and Cy Thorne as show manager; with Rod Clarke dealing with patronage, Janice Al-Nasser dealing with the finances and Ghalib overlooking the organisation and smooth running of the day. Presentations were made to both Sue & Pat at the end of the day for their sterling work.

Dave Critchlow, Geoff Moore & Phil Reaney were pleased with the quality of the exhibits and number of birds that they judged. The show received a total entry of 281 from 25 exhibitors and benched 250.

There was an increase in the benched rare section to 49 and Cy Thorne headed this section with a quality Texas clearbody grey hen. David Turner benched a greywing light green cock in second place which was followed by Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser’s lacewing white cock in third place. David Turner won best rare young bird in show with a Texas clearbody light green hen. Other awards in this section apart from the three above varieties went to David & Linda Rafis, best anthracite; Tony Clegg, best English fallow; Bob Allen, best German fallow; Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe, best rainbow & saddleback; Sue & Rod Clarke, best Easley clearbody & slate.



 Birds Benched: 48 ~ No. of Exhibitors: 13 ~ Judge: P. Reaney 


Cage Details Exhibitor Description

Best in Show (A/A)


C. Thorne

Texas Clearbody Hen

Best Young Bird


D.A. Turner

Texas Clearbody Hen

Best Barhead


C. Thorne



Variety Best Any Age Best Young Bird

22-1  D.& L. Rafis *

122-1  D.& L. Rafis

English Fallow

23-3  T. Clegg *

123-1 T. Clegg

German Fallow

24-2 R.J. Allen *



425-1 C, D.& S. Sharpe *



26-2 S.& R. Clarke *



427-1 C, D.& S. Sharpe *


Texas Clearbody

29-3 C. Thorne *

D.A. Turner

Easley Clearbody

30-1 S.& R. Clarke *



31-9 G.& J. Al-Nasser *



33-1 D.A. Turner *





Please indicate with a * for Best overall of each variety





          Most Points in Show


C, D.& S. Sharpe

          Most Points Champion


S.& R. Clarke

Most Points Intermediate



          Most Points Novice


C, D.& S. Sharpe

          Most Points Beginner


C.F. Marshall

          Most Points Junior