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Rare Variety & Colour BS - 2015 BS Club Show
Compiled by Ghalib Al-Nasser - Budgerigar Photos - Mick Freakley


Best Any Age

Best Young Bird

Best Rare

D. A. Mullee

M & M Chapman *



D. A. Turner *




German Fallow

M. Anzara *


English Fallow

T. Clegg *

T. Clegg

Easley Clearbody

S & R Clarke *


Texas Clearbody

O. Williams

M & M Chapman *


D. A. Mullee *

D. A. Mullee





R. Day *

R. Day




* indicates Best of each variety overall





G. & J. Al-Nasser Trophy for Best Rare in Show

Dave Curtis Memorial Shield for Best Rare Young Bird

Cyril Rogers Cup for Best Greywing

C. Rolls Cup for Best Lacewing

W. Walraven Cup for Best Clearbody

K. Brock Trophy for Best English Fallow

Colin Putt Trophy for Best German Fallow

C. H. Rogers Trophy for Best Slate

Sheila Cook Trophy for Best Saddleback

Ken Gray Trophy for Best Rainbow

Gren & Pat Norris Trophy for Best Anthracite



M & M Chapman

M & M Chapman

D. A. Turner


M & M Chapman

T. Clegg

M. Anzara

D. A. Mullee


R. Day


The Societyís club show was, once again, held in conjunction with the Budgerigar Society Club Show at the new early date in September (week 39). With 3 of our regular exhibitors (Al-Nasser, Norris & Bob Allen) judging this year the entry remarkably was higher in 2 out of the 3 colour groups.

Bob Allen judged the Rare Variety section with an entry of 38 (28 in 2014), Pat Norris judged the Clearbody section with an entry of 42 (36 in 2014) and Dewayne Weldon from Texas, USA judged the Any Other Colour with an entry of 52 (62 in 2014).

Bob Allen

Pat Norris

Dewayne Weldon

And for the first time there were 2 separate classes provided for the Colour Budgerigars and remarkably 5 exhibitors entered 45 birds in this section.


Rare Variety

Bob Allen judged this section and awarded the adult CC to a coarse feathered Rainbow cock of good size and staged in good condition benched by Roger Day. A stylish and good coloured Slate hen from Deamonn Mullee was second. Tony Clegg was third with a long well spotted English Fallow Grey Green cock of good marking.

AA CC - Rainbow cock - Roger Day.

A quality good sized Slate cock of good colour and staged in good condition was awarded the young bird CC for Deamonn Mullee. Roger Day was second with his Rainbow cock of good colour and condition. This was followed by Tony Clegg with his English Fallow Grey hen of good length and markings.

YB CC - Slate cock - Deamonn Mullee


Pat Norris judged this section and awarded the adult CC to Daniel Normanís Texas Clearbody Violet cock of good variety content and condition. Roy Aplin was second with a Texas Clearbody of good colour and size. Sue & Rod Clarke benched an Easley Clearbody Opaline Blue of good head quality.

AA CC - Texas Clearbody - Daniel Norman

Michael Chapman headed the young bird section with a stylish good size and variety content Texas Clearbody Grey cock of good spots which made it the Best Overall Rare Variety in Show. Another TCB hen from Daniel Norman was second staged in good condition. Tom McCrindle was third with another TCB hen.

YB CC - Texas Clearbody - Michael Chapman

Any Other Colour

Dewayne Weldon judged this section and the first three placed birds in the any age colour run down were Dilutes.

The Any Age Best of Colour winner was a large stylish Grey White cock of good width of head and shoulder benched by Gary Shepherdson & David Fisher staged in good condition. A Grey Yellow hen from Anthony Andrews of good type but not in the same condition as the winner was second followed the same exhibitorís Grey Yellow cock of good feather in third place.

Any Age Best of Colour - Grey White cock - Gary Shepherdson & David Fisher

A super Grey White cock from Shepherdson & Fisher headed the young bird section with an exceptional head quality and mask which nearly won Best Young Bird in Show and eventually was 2nd Best Champion Young Bird. Colin Kirk was second with a nice Grey White cock that stood well above the perch. Anthony Andrews benched a Greywing Green cock of good colour in third place.

Young Bird Best of Colour - Grey White cock - Gary Shepherdson & David Fisher

Colour Budgerigars

It was my turn to judge this group and two classes were provided and 45 birds were entered from 5 exhibitors. The winner of the Normal, Opaline, Cinnamon or Opaline Cinnamon class was a Cobalt hen of Martyn Pate. The winner of the Any Other Variety class was a Yellow-wing Dark Green cock from Martyn Pate that won the Best Colour Budgerigar.

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