Winners at the 2002 Club Show

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D. Mullee with Sylvia Stalder
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Rare Variety & Colour BS
2002 Club Show Trophy and Rosette Winners

Trophy Winners

Trophy Winner
G & J Al-Nasser Trophy - Best Rare in Show L & P Martin
Dave Curtis Trophy for Best Rare Young Bird D Mullee
Cyril Rogers Cup for Best Greywing L & P Martin
C Rolls Cup for Best Lacewing Findlay & Flavell
W Walraven Cup for Best Clearbody L & P Martin
K Brock Trophy for Best English Fallow D. Mullee
Colin Putt Trophy for Best German Fallow N/A
C H Rogers Memorial Trophy for Best Slate D Mullee
Sheila Cook Trophy for Best Saddleback G & J Al-Nasser

Rosette Winners

Rosette Best Any Age Best Young Bird
Fallow D Mullee D Mullee *
Clearbody L & P Martin * D & L Rafis
Slate D Mullee D Mullee *
Saddleback G & J Al-Nasser * N/E
Greywing G & J Al-Nasser L & P Martin *
Lacewing Findlay & Flavell * D & B Bunyan
Rainbow N/A N/A

* Indicates Best of Variety Overall