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reported by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Show Organiser

The 23rd Specialist & Rare Variety Open Show receiving an increase in total entry to 697 of which a total of 535 birds were benched from 54 exhibitors at its new venue in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire. As always many overseas visitors attended this national prestigious show from Belgium, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden making it a truly international event.

The show committee extends their sincere thanks and gratitude to the following sponsors; Brown & Hutt (50% cost of all the open rosettes for the show); to Geoff Capes (cost of all the ceramic awards to the judges and Best of Colours), Les Martin (donated bird to the most benched birds by a beginner and financial sponsorship), Jan Hill (printing cost of the coloured covers for the schedules and catalogues), Grant Findlay & Nick Flavell (printing cost of the schedules). Financial sponsorship came from Mick Anzara, Don Rowell & Linda Heighton and Dave & Linda Rafis. Warren Wilson & BRASEA donated major rosettes for all the BOC winners and other coloured awards and Frank Barnes sponsored the show with a show cage for the raffle. The show also received sponsorship in the form of products from The Birdcare Company, Johnson & Jeff Ltd, Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd and Murphy & Son Ltd. Donated birds for the raffle came from Jerry Donovan, Fred, Sheila & Kevin Eatwell, Malcolm & Pam Freemantle, Dave Guppy & Dave Barnes, Jan Hill, Dave Moss, Gary Sutton & Cy Thorne. All members of the show committee also sponsored the show with raffle prices.

Our Guest of Honour this year to present the 45 trophies was Shirley Risebrow, past show secretary and past president of the Crested BC. Next year's show will be staged on 30th June & 1st July 2012 (week 26) at the same venue in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire.


Alan Adams, last year’s winner in this section, judged the 37 Crests and awarded the adult C.C. to last year’s winner the Tufted Light Green cock of Mick Widdowson; a large bird of good size and shape and staged in good condition. Dave Moss was second with a quality well balanced Circular Opaline Cobalt cock but slightly ticked. The junior Daniel Norman was third with a Circular Dominant Pied Opaline Cobalt cock of nice crest and body shape. Daniel’s Circular Dominant Pied Opaline Cinnamon Skyblue hen was best any age opposite sex.

Mick Widdowson won the double and Best Crest in Show with a large good spotted Half Circular Skyblue cock staged in good condition. The partnership of Paul Cheatley & Terry Alcorn were second with a typy Full Circular Dark Green hen of good shape and condition. The Eatwell family of Fred, Sheila & Kevin staged a Full Circular Spangle Grey Green hen in third place of good shape but lacking in spots. Daniel Norman won both best junior any age and young bird in this section.

Mick Widdowson who won Best Crest Any Age & Young Bird

Pos.     Any Age                      Young Bird

1.          M. Widdowson             M. Widdowson

2.          D. Moss                       Cheatley & Alcorn

3.          D. Norma                      F, S & K Eatwell

4.          D. Norman                    D. Norman

5.          M. Anzara                     Cheatley & Alcorn

6.                                              F, S & K Eatwell

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