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2016 Results




G. & J. Al-Nasser 8 A.& G. Adams 9
M. Anzara 6 A. Brown 7
A. Brown 5 G. & J. Al-Nasser 7
Widdowson & Wilson 2 C. D. & S. Sharpe 4
J. Dixon 2 R. Brokenshire 2
    S.& R. Clarke 2

2015 Results



M. Anzara 8 G.& J. Al-Nasser 7
D.& L. Rafis 8 R. Brokenshire 5
G.& J. Al-Nasser 5 S. Murray 5
A. Brown 4 A. & G. Adams 4
Searle & Knott 3 Widdowson & Wilson 4
R Hooper 3 Searle & Knott 3
2014 Results
G & J Al-Nasser 9 G & J Al-Nasser 11
A. Brown 8 A. Brown 7
R. Brokenshire 4 S & R Clarke 5
D. Norman 4 Cheatley & Alcorn 4
Cheatley & Alcorn 3 R. Brokenshire 3
S & R Clarke 3 D. Norman 3

2013 Results



G.& J. Al-Nasser 8 G.& J. Al-Nasser 9
A. Brown 5 M. Anzara 5
M. Anzara 5 A. Brown 4
D. Norman 4 A.& G. Adams 3
  3 R. Brokenshire  
  3 Cheatley & Alcorn  

2012 Results

D.W. Moss 9 D.W. Moss 15
G. & J. Al-Nasser 8 A Brown 8
A Brown 8 G. & J. Al-Nasser 6

2011 Results

D. Moss 8 D. Moss 10
G. & J. Al-Nasser 7 F.S. & K. Eatwel 5
F.S. & K. Eatwell 5 G. & J. Al-Nasser 5
F Smith 4 D. & L. Rafis 3
A. Brown 4 M. Widdowson 3
J. Hunter 3
M. Widdowson 3

C.B.C. Badge Award Scheme
By Ghalib Al-Nasser

With the new show season, crested members exhibiting at shows receiving CBC patronage will be awarded a newly designed Diploma of Merits cards kindly sponsored by Budgerigar World in 2006. These new cards in Gold colour for Young Bird and Silver colour for Any Age were awarded at the 2005 Club Show for the first time. These cards go towards the Badge Award Scheme. So what is this scheme?

This scheme, devised by Alan Fullilove and implemented by the Club in 1975, is a replica of that operated by the Variegated B.C. since 1970, again devised by Mr. Fullilove. The scheme was launched to encourage members to support the patronage shows.

The judge awards the Diploma of Merit cards, to the best Crest in each section who is a C.B.C. member. The Diplomas of Merit are used to form a League Score List, and when a certain number have been won over one or more show seasons by any one member or partnership, a special badge is awarded. The design of the badge is comprised of the club's badge surrounded by an aura of gold or silver laurel leaves, according to whether won in Young Bird or Any Age sections respectively. When the scheme was launched, ten diploma cards were required to qualify for a certain badge. In 1982, this number was increased to fifteen.  There is no limit to either the number of badges a member can win or to the number of years taken to win the 15 diplomas. To receive a badge, the onus is on the exhibitor to forward the 15 cards won for either the Gold or Silver Badge to the Patronage Secretary so that the appropriate badge can be awarded.

Shield of Honour

To give further incentive to the exhibitor and to increase the value of these badges, the "Shield of Honour" scheme was launched. Under the scheme, members who win both the Gold and Silver Badges will have their names engraved on a special club shield together with the year in which the last of the two badges was won. If further badges are won, in subsequent years, the winner's name and year are again recorded.

The "Shield of Honour" is displayed at the Club Show and at Members' meetings. Members who have had the honour of winning both the Gold and Silver Badges and have had their names engraved on the "Shield of Honour" are:-

G. Al-Nasser 1976/77/78 Mr/Mrs. R. Risebrow 1988/91/92 Miss E. Davidson 1995
B. Mullen 1977/80 K. & S. James 1989 Sewell & Harvey 2002
A. Draycott 1977/81/84/87 Mrs. J. R. Foxton 1989 R. & J. Taylor & Son 2004
C. Shead 1977 J. & J. Chell 1990/92 G. & J. Al-Nasser 2004
T. Cooper 1978 A. & R. Hole 1990 D. & L. Rafis 2005
Mr. & Mrs. I. Blake 1979 T. J. Williams 1991 Cheatley & Alcorn 2006
Shead & Clements 1980 J. & J. Chell 1992 D & A Bruton 2006
A.C. Flint 1981 P. Brown 1992 Cheatley & Alcorn 2007
Mrs. J.H. Nicholls 1981/84 A. Ainsley 1992 G. Grist 2007
G.H. Watkins 1981/85 F. S. & K. Eatwell 1993 D. & L. Rafis 2009
D.J. Carter 1981 M. Berry 1993    
J. Searle 1981 F. Bolton 1993    
Mr. & Mrs. P. Adams 1983 D. Bruton 1993    
C.J. Johnson 1983 Al-Nasser & Foxton 1994    
Bissell & Al-Nasser 1984 Manning & Newson 1994    
G. Al-Nasser 1986/87/88 C. Hawkins 1994    
Mr. & Mrs. D. Brown 1986/89 M. Widdowson 1994    
D. & S. Rowe 1986 Risebrow & Howes 1994    
S. R. Thomas 1987 R. Wills 1994    

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