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Compiled by Ghalib Al-Nasser

Our club show, held in conjunction with the B.S. Club Show, showed a further increase in entry from 35 in 2011, 40 in 2012 to 49 this year for our member Gwyn Williams to judge and the quality of the crests were, as always, exceptional.

Mick Anzara released an ambition that he had to win Best Crest at the Club Show and that he did when his Circular Cobalt cock captured the any age award and eventually the Best Crest in Show. This is a bird of good size and strong crest. Our junior member Daniel Norman occupied second place with a Circular Crest Skyblue cock to be followed by a crested Yellowface Opaline Cinnamon Grey hen belong to Colin & Sylvia Meachen.

Mick Anzara with his winning Best Crest

19A 238-2 M. Anzara
Photo Mick Freakley

The Best Crest Young Bird award went to our junior member Daniel Norman with a Full Circular Cobalt cock of good size and crest. A Circular Light Green cock, belong to Arthur Miller was placed second which was followed by a Half Circular Grey hen bred by Paul Cheatley & Terry Alcorn.

Daniel Norman - Best Crest Young Bird

19B 938-1 D. Norman
Photo Mick Freakley

Pos.     Crest C.C. Any Age         Crest C.C. Young Bird

1.          M. Anzara                           D. Norman

2.          D. Norman                          A. Miller *

3.          C & S Meachen *               Cheatley & Alcorn

4.          G & J Al-Nasser                 R. Brockenshire

5.          D. Norman                          D. Norman

6.          M. Anzara                           D. Norman

7.          R. Brockenshire                 C & S Meachen *

Members Awards:

Section                 Any Age                    Young Bird

Champion             G & J Al-Nasser        M. Roberts

Intermediate          M. Anzara                  Cheatley & Alcorn

Novice                  N/E                               N/E

Beginner               S. Smith                     S. Smith

Junior                    D. Norman                  D. Norman

* Indicates Non Member

Photo by Terry A Tuxford

Cheatley & Alcom

C & S Meachin

D Norman

A Miller

If this is your bird please email me with details

G & J Al-Nasser

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