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Compiled by Ghalib Al-Nasser

The Golden Jubilee year ended on a high note with our club show showing a slight increase in entry from 35 to 40 for Maurice Roberts, the Budgerigar Society President and our Life Member, to judge and the quality of the crests were exceptional.

Dave Moss had his dream come true in winning the Best Crest award with an adult Circular Grey cock of good size and excellent neat crest which was a credit to Dave and the variety as a whole. A Tufted Cobalt cock of good substance and displaying good strong tuft benched by the novice Richard Hooper was placed second. The junior Daniel Norman was pleased when his Circular Skyblue hen was placed third and Best Any Age Opposite Sex. Daniel had the honour to win Best Crest in 2009.

Dave Moss with his Best Crest and Maurice Roberts, B.S. President & Judge

Photo Mick Freakley

Mick Widdowson with his Best Crest Young Bird

Photo Mick Freakley

The Best Crest Young Bird award went to none other than Mick Widdowson with his well presented Circular Cobalt cock of good size, shape and deportment. Another quality Circular Cobalt cock, belong to Mick Anzara was placed second which sadly had a slight damaged tail. Mick Widdowson was third with a lovely Tufted Cobalt cock which looked as if it was a nest mate of the winner. The Best Young Bird Opposite Sex award went to Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser with a Circular Double Factor Spangle Yellow hen of good neat crest but displaying slight body marking.

Pos.     Crest C.C. Any Age         Crest C.C. Young Bird

1.          D. Moss                              M. Widdowson

2.          R. Hooper                           M. Anzara

3.          D. Norman                          M. Widdowson

4.          Findlay & Flavell                 G & J Al-Nasser

5.          A. Miller *                           D. Norman

6.          M. Anzara                          

Members Awards:

Section                 Any Age                    Young Bird

Champion             D. Moss                      M. Widdowson

Intermediate          M. Anzara                   M. Anzara

Novice                  R. Hooper                  N/E

Beginner               No Entry                     N/E

Junior                    D. Norman                  D. Norman

* Indicates Non Member

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