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Crested BC - 2009 Club Show
Compiled by Janice Al-Nasser

Our club show had two firsts this year. It was the first time that a team of crests were shown and the credit goes to Paul Cheatley & Terry Alcorn who benched a team of Circular Light Green cocks which were placed 3rd in the class. The second first was when Marlene Ferguson placed Daniel Norman’s crest as the Best Crest in Show. Daniel is a junior member coming from a successful exhibition family (Norwood Stud). The entry this year dropped from 72 to 60.

Sadly, the Cheatley & Alcorn partnership did not make it a Hat Trick with the same winner as the last two years but the honour for staging the Best Crest Any Age and Best Crest in Show was captured by our junior member Daniel Norman with a Half Circular Cobalt cock shown in a very good condition displaying a neat and strong crest for the variety. Cy Thorne had a nice Tufted Cinnamon Light Green hen in second place and Best Opposite Sex Any Age; a nice hen but not in tip top condition. Paul Cheatley & Terry Alcorn were third with a Circular Skyblue cock.

Daniel Norman Best Crest In Show

Photo Mick Freakley

Cheatley & Alcorn came to the fore in the young bird section when their Circular Dominant Pied Skyblue cock captured the challenge certificate. This bird has done a lot of winning for the partnership throughout the year and possessed a good neat crest and was shown in good condition. Dave Moss followed closely behind with a Circular Opaline Grey cock of good size and spots. Paul & Terry were third with a nice Circular Cobalt hen but lacked in condition on the day.

Cheatley & Alcorn Best Crest Young Bird

Photo Mick Freakley

Pos.     Crest C.C. Any Age         Crest C.C. Young Bird

1.          D. Norman                          Cheatley & Alcorn

2.          C. Thorne                           D. Moss

3.          Cheatley & Alcorn              Cheatley & Alcorn

4.          A & G Adams                     A & G Adams

5.          A. M. White                        G & J Al-Nasser

6.          Findlay & Flavell                 D. Moss

7.                   D. Moss                              G & J Al-Nasser

Section                 Any Age                    Young Bird

Champion             C. Thorne                    A & G Adams

Intermediate          D. Moss                      D. Moss

Novice                  Cheatley & Alcorn     Cheatley & Alcorn

Beginner               A. M. White                A. M. White

Junior                    Daniel Norman            Daniel Norman

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